Automating Testing: A Backbone To DevOps

So why automation testing?

  • Time-saving: Since it employs the use of test case to detect bugs in the software program, it is less time consuming as compared to other testing methods. If the testing is made faster, then the deployment frequency of the product in the market can increase to an enormous level.
  • Less prone to errors: As this involves the use of software program to test the application so the chances of human errors are minimized. Manual effort is required to generate the test case and to command it to execute the testing process. So various sorts of human errors are eliminated to a great extent.
  • Repeated execution: When you need to execute the test case for an ample number of times so as to check the validity of the application then Automation testing can prove to be a boon. Since it consumes less time so repeated execution becomes easy.
  • Reliable: When we automate any application or process, the reliability is automatically increased to many folds. The major reason being less human errors.

How Automation Testing helps DevOps?

  • Planning team plans the line of action
  • Defining team defines the various requirements and tools necessary to carry out that action
  • Then Production team builds the product according to the specifications
  • After building, the testing team performs the tests on the product to validate if it is meeting the requirements or not.
  • Then finally the product is deployed in the market for service.

When DevOps and automation testing work concurrently the following problems are eliminated:

  • Silos among the teams: Working together eliminates the differences among the teams and creates an atmosphere of understanding in the organization.
  • Delayed product deployment: Understanding between the teams increases the speed of product development and troubleshooting problems. As a result, the speed of product deployment increases.
  • Slower Release to market: If the product will be deployed at a higher frequency, then the problem of slower release to market will no longer exist.
  • High failure rate of new releases: When testing methods are automated and product is developed and tested in collaborative environment then the failure rate of new product releases will be decreased to a great extent.




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Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal is in Product Growth at LambdaTest and is also a passionate tech blogger and product evangelist.