Building a Regression Testing Strategy for Agile Teams

Before You Build a Regression Testing Strategy

Before building that regression testing strategy, you need to gather some information beforehand.

  • Improvements should never halt. Figure out all the improvements that can be implemented in the test cases.
  • Estimate the time for execution of test cases
  • Outline what all can be automated and how?

Building a Regression Testing Strategy

The most significant challenge in performing regression testing in agile development sprints is maintaining the balance between sprint development and regression testing. So, we need to follow some of the fast and effective methods in order to perform regression testing without compromising the quality.

Automating Regression Testing

The one of the best ways to fasttrack the regression testing is to automate some of the parts of regression testing. We can create a regression testing script and with every new update the script should be modified and reviewed for its proper working. Your automation test script should cover all the possible test cases and verify your automation script results before moving it to the action item.

Find the Most Prone Areas Due to a New Build

What about using some of the common test cases and utilizing their intelligence to lower our efforts? Well, as a tester we are aware of what development can cause what changes in the build. In other words, we can get a hold of all the possibilities of introduction of bugs due to the new build in already existing code. However, this doesn’t imply that you rely totally upon the guess game.

Prioritize Your Test Cases

Prioritization helps you manage the test cases based on the severity of issue and the recent changes in the code. Highly severe bugs should be tested at the highest priority and then the lower severe ones follow. This way you’ll able to test all the bugs without missing out on high priority bugs.

Go Ahead and Perform Regression Testing in an Agile Environment

When you implement the following in your regression testing strategy, you will be able to perform regression testing and maintain the pace with the agile development. A perfect regression testing results will help your users to keep trust in your product and you’ll keep delivering the best to them.



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