Creating Browser Compatibility Matrix for Testing Workflow

No Number of Browsers is Enough

When a tester starts testing for cross browser testing, he can’t say that he has completed the cross browser testing of the website / web application. If he says that, I can bet he has not done enough testing. With the number of different combinations available and hundreds and thousands of functionalities available it becomes an infinite matrix to test upon. And cross browser testing is not something, which you can say that is completed and assured.

How To Find Browsers To Add In Your Browser Testing Matrix

Finding the perfect browsers and devices to test upon, requires a bit of playing around with data and gathering the most relevant and used browsers by the audience. You can utilize some of the tools to make a hold of this data.

Required Data Points for a Perfect Browser Compatibility Matrix

When drafting a best browser compatibility matrix, you need to get certain data points around which your whole strategy will revolve.

Building a Browser Compatibility Matrix

Once you’re done with the detailed analysis of what all the users are loving, their favorite browser, their favorite platform, their favorite food (just kidding! If you’re truly interested in that, find that too 😉 ), the time is to find out the most supported browsers for your website and create a browser matrix.



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