Cross Browser Testing Strategy Explained in Three Easy Steps

Objectives Of Cross Browser Testing

  1. Discovering bugs: This involves breaking your application by various ways in order to find the bugs.
  2. Sanity Check: This involves making sure that your audience receives the same experience across various platforms.
  1. Ignore the bug
  2. Fix it and hope that the updates haven’t broken anything
  3. Fix it and test it again for all the browsers again.

Cross Browser Testing In A Restaurant

  1. Level 1: Development: You’ll prepare the dish and first check for yourself if everything is in place or not. Once you are satisfied with that you’ll go to the next level.
  2. Level 2: Controlled Testing: Variety of people have variety of tastes and suggestions. So, you’ll go for a quick variant check by trying in your local restaurant. You would test you new dish in an controlled environment, serve it to chosen set of customers, and get constant feedbacks to improve it further.
  3. Level 3: Testing in Production: Once you feel that different variants of people have accepted your dish then you can further expand it and add it to the full menu at your chain restaurant’s menu as well, one restaurant at a time. You still take regular feedbacks on the new dish though, finding ways to improve it.
The Three Levels in Cross Browser Testing

Getting Started With Cross Browser Testing

The Three Levels In Cross Browser Testing

The First Level: Exploring Bugs

  • Check for breakpoint
  • Check for app behaviour with JavaScript turned off
  • Check for zoom in and zoom out
  • Check the website using only keyboard navigation
  • Check for page load script

The Second Level: Strategizing

  1. Analysis of bug distribution Classify your browsers based upon the risk associated in three zones.
Bug distribution

The Third Level: Sanity Testing

Browser Prioritizing



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Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal is in Product Growth at LambdaTest and is also a passionate tech blogger and product evangelist.