How Can You Use Predictive Analytics To Optimize Your Testing Methods

What Is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics as the name suggests is ‘prediction’ based on ‘analytics’. So, the prediction of unknown events based on analysis of past data is termed as predictive analytics.

Challenges In Traditional Testing Techniques

  • While performing testing, testers ignore customers’ usage patterns and focus mainly on business and technical requirements. This may lead to gaps in expectations of customers.
  • Since traditional testing lacks feedback loop hence it fails to adapt learnings in real time.
  • Traditional testing is inward-focused which lacks major details. It is usually based on use cases that product team identified even before the launch of product. We need to make it more customer-focused.
  • Customer satisfaction is hard to understand. Despite of fully ‘functional’ applications, you never know if your user is satisfied as our testing is mainly ‘functional’ based.

How Can Predictive Analytics Help In Solving Traditional Testing Challenges?

Predictive Analytics In Understanding User Behavior

While running a test case, the normal tester behavior is to go and test all the possible test scenarios. But, as we know, we can never test entirely or say that testing is complete now. As there are some minor details that we might miss.

Predictive Analytics In Resource Management

Say, you are developing a software, website, web application, mobile application, etc. You’ll have various teams working on the same project. Here, you can use data in the form of time.

  • Requirement gathering
  • Building
  • Testing
  • Deployment

How can Software Testers Use Predictive Analytics?

When you have a look at our previously published blog on browser statistics you’ll get a complete set of data like shown in this image.

In A Nutshell

Data has a lot to tell. You can utilize it to help you in various ways. When predicted accurately, it can make your work easier manyfolds. All you need to do is to analyze it and make the best out of it. Predictive analytics is a vast field when you go deep into it. By utilizing various statistical tools, you can grab a big deal out of it.



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