Our Designing Assistant: Canva

  1. Stock Images: You get access to millions of beautiful free and premium stock pictures, illustrations, and vectors. Saves you a lot of time in googling. Of course you can add your own custom images as well.
  2. Filters everywhere: The fastest way to edit an image and leave your personal touch on it is by running it through a filter factory. And Canva comes with a lot of them. You can edit your pictures with the already available pictures or you can also modify them with the editor features.
  3. Icons and Shapes: I know a lot of web designers who spent 30% of their time just designing shapes icons etc just to get that right branded feel across. But what if they get a collection of thousands of line and vector icons and graphics that can be edited easily? In short you get 30% more productivity.
  4. Fonts : Typography can make or break a web design. Nobody thinks actively about it but we, web designers know how important it is in defining and presenting a unified brand experience across all platforms. It is the most important factor in your design that will leave a subtle yet lasting effect on all incoming traffic. A good font automatically catches the attention of the viewer. Canva offers a great selection of fonts for every design.

Social Media Experts, You Need Canva!



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Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal is in Product Growth at LambdaTest and is also a passionate tech blogger and product evangelist.