Why Automation Testing Is Important In Agile Development?

What the scenario was ‘before-Agile’?

How Agile Development works?

So Where Does Automation Testing Fit In Agile Development?

When should you apply Automation Testing in Agile Development?

  • If a single test case is to be tested repeatedly.
  • If your test cases are very tedious and time-consuming.
  • If you have to run the test cases with different data and conditions several times
  • If you a similar test suite that needs to be executed for different user sets.
  • If you have got a narrow release window, and saving time is your top priority.
  • When test cases need to be executed with various browsers and environments

Things That Make Agile Developer’s Life Difficult

Detection of defects at an early stage:

Inadequate API testing:

Inadequate test coverage:

Broken code due to frequent builds:

Performance bottlenecks:

Why Agile Developers Love Automation Testing

  • Faster Speed: Automating the testing introduces speed to our development methodology.
  • Greater ROI(Return on Investment): Though initial investment cost is high, but due to the advantages the return on investment is one long term and is time saving too.
  • Reliable Deployments: By employing the use of scripts for the testing procedure reliability is increased to many folds.
  • Parallel Testing: Same script can run on different devices hence simultaneous testing
  • Reusable Code Scripts: Once a script a developed, you can use it number of times to test the software bug. Different updations can also be made in the same script to use it for latest user requirements.

In Short



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Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal

Deeksha Agarwal is in Product Growth at LambdaTest and is also a passionate tech blogger and product evangelist.