Why Your Startup Needs Test Management?

So What Should Your Startup Do?

Your customer are the ones who define your product roadmap and its crucial features! Customer feedback and satisfaction becomes core of your startup. And it is these feedbacks that translates to product features down the line. The challenge is, to manage these additions in your agile development cycle.

What Are Test Case Management systems?

According to Wikipedia “Test case management tools are used to store information on how testing is to be done, plan testing activities and report the status of quality assurance activities.”

What Test Management Tools Can Your Startup Use?

If you have decided to use test case management system in your startup, now the next question that might be what test case management tool can I use and how to use these tools?

1. TestLink

TestLink is an open source test management tool which will help you synchronise requirement and test specification together. With this, you can create test project and also document test cases. If you have multiple people working on different user roles this can prove to be of help.

2. Squash TM (Test Management)

Squash TM is open source test repository manager which is found in Squash toolkit. With this, you can manage requirements, campaigns, and test cases execution.

  • Requirements
  • Test case
  • Campaigns, test execution

3. Kiwi TCMS

It is the leading open source test case management system (TCMS) which can help you manage your test cases, plans and runs efficiently and also helps you improve testing productivity & easy reporting. It also provides integration with popular issue tracker easing your process.

4. TestRail

Though this is not an open source tool but it is one of the best alternatives to look for when you talk about test case management tools. You can try it on cloud as well as download it in your local machine. It helps you create a project, you can add test cases with their steps, start them, add results that you get, integrate with other tools like JIRA, Redmine and invite your team members.



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